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Wrath of the Red

Colors have lingered themselves for eternity and have allied themselves with every individual outfits. In this world of diverse cultures and civilizations; colors have always embrace different intellectual meanings and liberal importance.

Denim was a piece of clothing that was coupled with the Indigo and blue color, but it is the decree that with every change, the color changes the whole meaning itself. As jeans were first associated with blue color, the invasion of red over jeans resulted in apparel that was a mark of passion, sensitivity, and love.

Jeans was an outfit that was originally crafted for brawny men. Men who were strained to live a very tough and difficult life were mostly painstaking labors and miners who exhausted their entire day in the uneven fields and mines. Like it or not, the initial blue color in the jeans was the gift of time but the color that really deserved to honor the strength and vigor of lives was the color red that was associated with energy, strength and power.

Despite of the cultural and ancient tales, the Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances and lifts the human appearance and metabolism. Scientifically, it increases the respiration rate, and raises the blood pressure. Red is a very vibrant color and it has very high visibility and that is the only reason why it has exceptionally united with the modern jeans. Red is a color that is equal for both sexes, it indicates both courage and desire. The phenomenal blend of red color can be seen with the modern Low rise jeans. The lowering is itself so much vibrant that it speaks for itself. It has always been a human psychology that we all want ourselves to be noticed and believe it or not, Red is a color that will get your job done.


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