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The Town for Denim Garment of China

Xintang a town of China, which has become an epicenter for producing China denim jeans, the import and export business of denim apparel from China has been mainly from Xintang, which has proved that Xintang is the prime denim apparel manufacturing and production center of China.

For many decades of continuous struggle Xintang town has achieved an honor for having up to one thousand recognized famous brands which produce premium denim apparel, furthermore that Xintang town has been a sensation of providing satisfactory equipment and latest trends of technology which has motivated manufacturers to setup their production plants for producing denim apparel in Xintang town China.

China denim jeans is widely seen to be demanded in the international market, plus it has been widely recognized and acknowledged in terms of quality and best affordable competitive prices in almost every region from all over the world, the amount of production of denim apparel in all over the world from China is considerably unmatched, where Xintang town contributes the maximum.

The town has been honored with various titles such as “Town providing the best developing environment for private-owned enterprises” “Town for denim garment of China” “The first base of external trade from Guangdong Province”


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